We publicly affirm our belief that enterprises are responsible for how they do business.

We believe that enterprises can create enduring and worthwhile products and services without exploiting the environment, other people or ourselves.

We believe that each enterprise has many stakeholders – owners and shareholders; employees; customers and clients; colleagues in other enterprises; suppliers; the community; and the environment.

We acknowledge these interests.

We are committed to achieving ethical business practices.

We support and will act on the following principles in our enterprises:

Equality and Justice

We will act fairly, seeking to redress inequities and discrimination.


We will treat other people and the environment with respect.

Sustaining the Environment

We will act with care towards the environment, protecting the biosphere and using its resources sustainably.

Creating and Sharing Sustainable Prosperity

We will seek to create and share prosperity in a way that helps sustain our business, the community and the environment.


We will take responsibility for our actions and for any harm or good we cause. We will account for our actions, evaluating our progress in implementing these principles.