Choosing a Headset for Business Uses

Some headsets are suitable for personal uses and fortunately these ones can be the most affordable. But what about those of you that want nothing more than to take advantage of a more professional alternative; especially if you have business goals on the horizon? There aren’t many offices that can do without headsets, in fact even the smallest can rely on these handy devices to free up hands and minimise the need to hold a device to your ear.

But when choosing a headset for business purposes, it’s not always as simple as seeing one online, liking its price tag and putting in an order – there are all sorts of things that need to be considered.

Like what you ask? Well, did you know that some devices operate without their own power, but need to be plugged in? Did you know that others have their own batteries and can be connected from across the room – but will need charging from time to time? There are three main types of headsets that can suit a company; wired, Bluetooth and wireless. Which of these should you go for? Let’s take a look at their pros and cons.

Wireless Headsets

These are by far the most popular types of headsets on the market. They are so popular that most stockists and suppliers will make a point of offering as many as possible. So, onto the pros. They are compatible with a huge range of devices; from smartphones and laptops, to consoles and personal computers. They use wireless technologies to stay connected and when fully charged, they are some of the most beneficial headsets on the market. But what about the bad? Well, they do rely on their own batteries and so they can run out of energy. You could make a point of charging a device every so often however, to avoid having to wait around for yours to re-energise.

Bluetooth Headsets

Another take on wireless features are Bluetooth headsets. These devices can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible gadget, including laptops, smartphones and more. Most Bluetooth technologies rely on advanced 2.4GHz connectivity, making them much more reliable than regular wireless devices. In the right situations (open-planned offices for example), they can beam their signal from up to 13 metres! On the other hand they do rely on their own battery as with Wi-Fi headsets – and they can suffer if their energy runs low.

Wired Headsets

Unlike the traditional wired headphones out there, modern ones often offer far more features. For a start, their cables are thinner than their older counterparts, making them a little more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the ability to take advantage of the power from whatever device the headset is plugged into can be a benefit; especially as these headsets can be used for hours on end without sacrificing on energy, or needing to be recharged. These options are also some of the cheapest headsets available online and with options to buy models with lengthier wires, the restrictions can be all but nullified.

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