Reward Your Employees

Five Ways To Reward Your Work-From-Home Employees

Your business will perform better if you reward employees and motivate them. Successful companies understand this and make sure to keep their work-from-home team happy to work for them.

Team motivation should be an ongoing endeavour. Simple things like praising your employees for a job-well-done, providing health benefits, and even sending each member a healthy snack box is beneficial for good company morale.

Remember that your remote employees will not have the same vision as you or as motivated as you. What you can do is ensure that they are motivated well enough to continue providing their best work. Here are five ways to reward employees as they work from home.

1. Provide Positive Feedback

Regular communication with employees is crucial to successful management. Provide them with all the necessary information about upcoming tasks and projects. Also, give them positive feedback for each accomplished assignment.

Lack of communication and proper feedback crushes motivation. As long as you engage in constant dialogue and provide praise when necessary, you will keep your employees motivated.

2. Offer Growth Opportunities

Employees usually perform well when they are just starting. However, if they do not see an opportunity for growth, they start looking for other options elsewhere.

Employees need to grow and advance. Be sure to review your employees and help them hone or develop new skills. Some of your employees may have hidden talents that may become useful.

3. Go Old School

Since you communicate with employees online all the time, spice things up a bit by sending a handwritten thank you card. Snail mail cards are more personal and will surprise your employees.

You can also add gift cards or cash bonuses. Coupons for clothing, food, or online subscriptions provide simple experiences that can energise and motivate anyone. Giving someone a gift always provides a pleasant feeling.

4. Health Benefits

Make sure to keep your employees healthy in both mind and body. After completing a certain amount of projects, reward your employees with health benefits. You can either provide a monthly stipend for gym equipment, online workout subscriptions, and the like.

You can also shorten your employees’ work hours occasionally. This allows your employees to recuperate after a hard day’s work. Always encourage your employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Remember that a healthy worker performs better.

5. Healthy Snack Box Surprise

In line with encouraging your employees to live healthily, surprise them with a healthy snack box as well. A healthy snack box encourages your employees to eat healthy food choices. It also boosts morale and helps motivate everyone in your team.

Snacks With Bite sell a monthly snack box subscription, which is a small price to pay if you consider the benefits. First, it encourages healthy living. Healthy employees are more motivated and have higher energy levels.

Second, it motivates employees to perform better at their tasks. As long as employees are happy with the rewards you provide, they will perform better at their tasks.

Third, it gives you a better chance of retaining your workers. As long as you recognise the efforts of your team and reward them appropriately, they will remain loyal to you for a long time.


Motivated workers make businesses successful. Make sure to communicate constantly with your employees, offer growth opportunities, and send them handwritten cards.