Serviced Office Hire

Serviced offices are individual or smaller offices sub-leased from some larger offices. A serviced office main feature is the fact that a business can quickly get its own working space, without the need to employ some staff members for the management or maintenance of the office, the building and its facilities. Serviced offices may be referred to as executive suites, shared office spaces or flexible offices too.

In addition to providing some space, a serviced office may also provide some business services or facilities too. Serviced offices may provide a business with the ability to expand or reduce the space or business services it may want to use. Hence if a business suddenly experiences an unexpected growth, a serviced office should ideally accommodate such growth.

Dean from Regatta 1 says Serviced offices are good for startup companies and small businesses who may want to keep the cost of their overheads at a minimum. It may be used as the satellite or off-site offices of some larger companies too. Even for those who may not always be in the office, it can provide physical addresses for their businesses and may also provide them with some phone numbers, forwarding of calls, messages, mails and much more.

Some business services that may be included with serviced offices include meeting room spaces, reception areas, reception services, video conferencing facilities, kitchen facilities, office furniture, broadband access etc. Some of the cost of these services/facilities would have been included in the cost of the rent. Most businesses will most likely find a solution that will meet their needs with any one of these services or facilities.

In order to get a cost effective solution for a business, the business owner will need to review the cost of the space from any serviced office provider with the cost of the business services or facilities that may be provided with it. Business owners will need to create a list of all the essential and not-so essential business services or facilities that they would need for their businesses too. Which may then be compared with all the business services/facilities that an office provider may have to offer.

Each business owner may also compare the cost of getting each of the services or facilities they may want to use independently on their own, with the cost of their selected serviced offices own facilities and services, to get the most cost effective options for their businesses too.