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Video Advertising via Social Media

Corporate Video Advertising ServiceOver the past few years, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have seen a rapid increase in audiences and many experts put this down to the visual interactions that only these types of websites can offer. In the past, these sites would typically display static advertisements, but these days, and thanks to the potential of video advertising, the options for businesses hoping to promote their services has never been more substantial.

But how do these services function within each of these three unique platforms?


This website used to play host to a few hundred videos from users, but it now boasts millions of clips from channel owners around the world. With a little effort a company could soon take its marketing strategies viral, where the potential to reach thousands, if not millions of viewers could make all of the difference to the success of an organisation. By employing a professional multimedia service to script and record a video, the agency could soon have their products and services promoted online in a way that most viewers will be happy to see.

Advertisements can be placed within videos at regular intervals, allowing users to watch them, before getting back to their usual viewing.


Unlike YouTube, Facebook utilises live advertisements that can appear at the side of the page being viewed, or more prominently on a person’s news feed. Many companies opt to create personalised business pages to act as a hub for their social media interactions – and what better place to upload the latest videos demonstrating new services, products and goods for audiences to enjoy?


This social media platform differs greatly when compared to the previous two listed above. As a ‘real-time’ platform, it allows users to comment and update their status within 156 characters. This can be a great way to build an audience, before promoting products by adding a link to a video, or by uploading it directly to the tweet. Businesses can even pin their newest videos to the top of their pages, where anyone visiting will be able to watch in their own time and without having to keep up with the seemingly endless updates from other users that they follow.

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